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Sunday, March 11th, 2007

Strong Suffolk Vintage Ale

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“A unique blend of two classic ales BPA and Old 5X. Old 5X is aged in oak for 2 years. Brewed in llimited quantities. This Vintage Ale is dark and intense, almost ruby in colour with an appetising spicy, fruitcake aroma. This full-bodied ale combines flavours of oak, caramel and burnt toffee… can also be the ideal accompaniement to mature English cheese.”

Quite sweet and very slightly bitter. It tastes of candied fruits, maybe raisins. The after taste of the first sip reminded me of well-done butter biscuit, the next ones of caramel. The smell of the glass is however not very pleasant, very metallic. I tried it with bits of Pilgrim's Choice Matured Cheddar and the result is quite nice (although not extraordinary).

Greene King Westgate Brewery, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England. 6.0% alcohol.

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