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Monday, June 22nd, 2015

The Warrior's Apprentice

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The Warrior's Apprentice has been published in 1986 by Lois McMaster Bujold.

Miles Vorkosigan fails his physical entry exam to the Imperial Military Academy. He then goes to Beta Colony to visit his grandmother, accompanied by sergeant Bothari and his daughter Elena. Soon after his arrival, he buys (giving a piece of worthless land on Barrayar as guarantee for later payment) an obsolete freighter to prevent his pilot, Arde Mayhew, from committing suicide and destroying part of the spaceport. Soon after, he meets a Barrayaran deserter, engineer Baz Jezek. Together, they accept a cargo of "agricultural material" to pay back for the freighter. The cargo is actually weapons for the Felicians, one side of a civil war on Tau Verde IV, and they are soon stopped by Oseran Mercenaries who control access to the planet for the Felicians adversairs, the Pelians. Miles and his party manage to take control of the mercenary ship, pretending to be part of the Dendarii Mercenaries. The prisoners are soon turned into the first actual Dendarii Mercenaries, and they deliver together the cargo. On the space station where they land, they are attacked by Pelians and Oser's troops, but manage to beat them and hire the whole of them as Dendarii mercenaries. They then break Oser's trust in their Pelian employer by hijacking the mercenaries' monthly pay, and finally the whole of Oser's troops become Dendarii. Miles is then joined by his cousin Ivan, who was under direct order to find him, but actually unknowingly escaped death by being late as usual. Back on Barrayar, Miles foils an attempt to break a rift between the Emperor and Vorkosigan House by being actually present instead of fomenting a revolution with the help of his private (and illegally owned) army, as the conspirators claim. Miles gives ownership of his mercenaries to the Emperor, who gives it to ImpSec. Having proven his value as a tactician and a commander, Miles is then allowed to join the Academy.

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