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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

A Storm of Swords – 1: Steel and Snow

Categories: [ Books/Song of Ice and Fire ]

ISBN: 9780006479901

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Multiple parallel story trails:

  • Tyrion, even uglier than before, is made Master of the Coin by his father who took back his place as Hand of the King. Tyrion additionaly loses most of his pawns to Cersei, and is forced to marry Sansa Stark. All are preparing for Joffrey's wedding to the late King Renly's widow.
  • Catelyn frees Jaime Lannister (against the will of her brother and her son, Robb, King of the North) and sends him, escorted by Brienne, to King's Landing in the hope to exchange him against her daughters. But Jaime and Brienne are made prisoner by Roose Bolton's men, Jaime's sword hand is cut, and they are both taken to Harrenhal.
  • Arya is taken by a brotherhood of thieves, who are men sworn to the late King Robert, fighting both the followers of King Joffrey and King Robb. Arya is recognized as a Stark by one of them (who used to serve the Starks). They plan to return her to Robb against a ransom.
  • Daenerys bought an army of the best soldiers in the world, eunnuchs trained since childhood for absolute obedience, and continuously drugged so as not to feel any pain.
  • Jon Snow has joined the wildlings, who then crossed the Wall. He finally manages to escape, in hope to be able to warn Castle Black of the invasion of the South by Mance Rayder's people.

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