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Monday, July 8th, 2024


Categories: [ Books/The Bromeliad ]

ISBN: 9780552546072

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A handful of nomes live in a burrow at a rest area along the motorway. Life being very hard, they decide to hop on a lorry and leave, in the hope for a better life. The lorry stops in the garage of the Arnold Bros department store where they meet a community of two thousand nomes who has been living there for generations and mostly refuses to believe there exists an Outside. The newcomers have a black box, transmitted from generation to generation, that starts to speak to them as it comes near electrical wiring; it explains that the nomes have crashed on Earth in a spaceship fifteen thousand years ago and that it is a flight recorder. The nomes had attempted to teach technology to the humans in order to get them to build a space shuttle that could fly them to their mothership, but it failed. When the nomes discover that the store is about to be closed, they plan to escape by stealing a lorry. As the closure happens faster than expected, they have to steal a lorry (thankfully loaded with plenty of useful items) in a hurry and learn to drive (with the help of numerous levers and pulleys) as they escape. They eventually find shelter in a quarry near the airport and contemplate stealing an airplane.

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