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Wednesday, January 31st, 2024

The Hallowed Hunt

Categories: [ Books/World of the 5 Gods ]

ISBN: 9780060574741

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Ingrey is sent from Easthome, capital city of the Weald, to investigate the death of Boleso, one of the two sons of the dying Hallow King. He quickly comes to believe Ijada's version, the woman who killed him in self defence: Boleso was attempting to use her as a human sacrifice that would allow him to acquire the soul of a leopard, an almost forgotten practice from the Old Weald from before the country was conquered by the Darthacans four centuries earlier that allowed to make shamans. Ijada is the unintended recipient of the animal's soul; Ingrey also has the soul of a wolf that had been forced on him by his father as a boy and, because he was not prepared, drove him mad for several years. On the way escorting Boleso's body and Ijada back to Easthome, Ingrey loses control of his wolf several time. Thanks to the unexpected arrival during a stop of Hallana, a sorceress and friend of Ijada, Ingrey understands that someone had cursed him so as to force him to murder Ijada. Ingrey and Ijada also fall in love during the journey. Later in Easthome, Ingrey has a mystic experience during Boleso's funeral, where he meets the Son; the god asks him to clean Boleso of all the animal souls he has accumulated so that he can receive the man's soul. Ingrey is then invited by his cousin Wencel who tells him that he is the real Hallow King, as he hosts the accumulated souls of all the descendants of the Hallow King who was killed with his army four centuries ago in Bloodfield, a patch of cursed forest that now belongs to Ijada. Those souls actually control Wencel's body and the cousin Ingrey knew as a child does not really exist anymore. The old king's curse was such that the souls of the dead soldiers are prisoner of Bloodfield. Moreover, Ingrey is next of kin to Wencel and will inherit and be taken over by the accumulated souls of the kings if he survives his cousin. As they attend the death of the Hallow King, Wencel captures the kingship of the Weald and becomes truly the new Hallow King, unbeknownst to all but Ingrey. Using shamanic powers, Wencel forces his wife Fara and Ingrey to accompany him on a journey to Bloodfield. Ingrey confronts Wencel whose body dies, making Ingrey responsible for letting the dead souls of four thousand soldiers rejoin their gods. Thankfully, Ijada, Hallana and a few friends arrive just in time to play the roles of conduits to the gods while Ingrey cleanses the souls of the soldiers from their animal souls. Ingrey also marries Ijada on the spot after the Old Weald fashion. Ingrey then somehow relinquishes his role of Hallow King and lets the son of the previous king take over. He also marries Ijada in a more usual ceremony.

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