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Sunday, January 9th, 2011

The Player of Games

Categories: [ Books ]

ISBN: 9781857231465

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Jernau Gurgeh is the best player of the Culture. He is offered by Contact (the exploration and diplomatic affairs branch of the Culture) the opportunity to play Azad, the game that is at the heart of the Azad empire. Empires tend to fall appart by themselves, but this one, where the skill at the game determinates one's rank in the society, has survived for a long time. Gurgeh accepts the offer and travels to Azad, learning the game on his way there, reaching the empire just in time for the tournament. He manages to beat all of his opponents despite attempts by the Imperial Office to discredit him (he was expected to lose early in the tournament), but eventually faces the emperor himself. The latter is a sore looser and attempts to kill Gurgeh, himself and everyone around him when he discovers that this alien is better than him at the game. Gurgeh is saved in the nick of time by the drone who was accompanying him. The drone eventually reveals to Gurgeh that his true mission was not a diplomatic one, but was to discredit the game of Azad so that the empire would fall apart and be eventually absorbed into the Culture.

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