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Wednesday, September 24th, 2008

Family Plot

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Adapted from Wikipedia:

The story involves a fake psychic, Blanche Tyler, and her con artist taxi driver boyfriend, George Lumley, who attempt to locate the nephew of a wealthy and guiltridden old woman, Julia Rainbird. Julia, one of Blanche's clients, was responsible for her now-deceased sister giving up a boy for adoption years earlier and now wants to make him her heir. She will pay $10,000 if he is found.

However, the nephew and prospective heir is now a successful jeweler in San Francisco known as Arthur Adamson, who has a secret and lurid past, having apparently murdered his adoptive parents and faked his own death. With his girlfriend Fran, he has successfully kidnapped an assortment of millionaires and dignitaries, returning them when the ransom, a valuable gemstone, has been delivered, which they hide in their chandelier.

When Arthur learns that Blanche and George are pursuing him, he suspects the worst, putting their lives in danger. They first escape a murder attempt by the man who helped Adamson to kill his adoptive parents. Later George finally discovers the name of the heir to Julia Rainbird. Since he cannot go and visit Adamson immediately, Blanche goes by herself and discovers Adamson and his girlfriend's secret activities. Blanche is kidnapped, but George comes later, frees her and catch the kidnappers.

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