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Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Men in Black II

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Twenty-five years ealier, MiB agent K has refused to help Queen Lauraana and keep the Light of Zartha on Earth; the treasure was sent back, preventing at the same time Serleena to put her tentacles on it. Now K has left the agency and works at a post office. But Serleena is back on Earth and is looking for the Light of Zartha, and K is the only one who knows where it is. J therefore de-neutralizes K and allows him to recover his memory, but the latter had neutralized his memories of the Light of Zartha twenty-five years ago and cannot remember, he only left a set of clues for himself. Meanwhile, Serleena had killed the owner of a pizza shop (that happens to be related to the clues leading to the Light of Zartha) and J didn't want to neutralize his employee, Laura. The latter therefore tags along with J and K. Serleena then invests MiB headquarters, that is therefore locked down, J and K are on their own. Serleena finally concludes that the Light is in Laura's bracelet, but after defeating Serleena, K reveals that the Light is still on Earth, that Laura *is* the Light of Zartha, and that she has to leave Earth before midnight or the planet will be destroyed. K also hints that Laura could be his and Lauraana's daughter.

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