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Sunday, April 22nd, 2018


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Z is a nonconformist worker ant. One evening, he unknowingly meets princess Bala who wanted to discover the lower class of the ant society, and falls in love. Learning she would assist to the next day's military parade, he exchanges places with his soldier friend Weaver. The parading soldiers are immediately sent out to attack the termites, an attempt by general Mandible to get rid of all the soldiers loyal to the queen. Mandible, betrothed to Bala, aims to become the new ruler and build a new society without those feeble workers. Z survives unexpectedly, becomes a hero, meets the Queen, kidnaps the princess, and together they escape the colony. Z dreams to find the mythic Insectopia. They eventually reach the place (located around a garbage bin), but Bala is taken by Mandible's second in command, and Z follows them back to the colony. There they discover Mandible's plan to submerge the colony with the nearly finished tunnel that will open below a pond, keeping only his trusted soldiers with him. Z and his friends manage to evacuate the Queen and all the workers while the water is pouring in, killing Mandible in the process.

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