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Friday, January 15th, 2010

Arthur and the Minimoys

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Arthur is 10 years old in 1960. He spends the summer with his grandmother, but times are tough and she will have to sell the house in two days if a solution isn't found. Arthur's grandfather has disappeared some time ago, but the boy finds out that he's left to search for rubies he had received from the Bogo Matassalai during his travels in Africa. The treasure is now hidden with the Minimoys, a people of very small creatures who were neighbours to the African tribe. Arthur discovers his grandfather's riddle leading him to finding the portal leading to the Minimoy's kingdom, right in the house's garden. After shrinking to the size of a Minimoy, he meets their king and the princess, and helps them fight an attack of the Seides, a group of rebels lead by the dreaded Maltazard. Along with the princess and her little brother, Arthur travels to the Necropolis to stop Maltazard before he conqures the Minimoy's territories. After some adventures, they are caught by Maltazard and meet Arthur's grandfather in jail. Maltazard, who had decided to flood the Minimoy's territory through the tunnel linking the two areas frees the adventurers and let them run in front of the rushing water. Moreover, Arthur notices that Maltazard's throne is made of the rubies. They manage to escape in time to warn the Minimoys and close the gate at their end of the tunnel. When Arthur and his grandfather come back to their world, they manage to find the location of the rubies and save the house.

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