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Monday, February 26th, 2018

Big Game

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Oskari needs to go hunt alone in the Laplandish forest on his thirteenth's birthday, as a rite of passage. In the meanwhile, Air Force One it shot down while flying over the same forest, with the help of the president's bodyguard, Morris. The president's escape pod is found by Oskari, who takes him along on his hunting trip. But when reaching the family's secret hunting spot, Oskari finds a deer's head in a refrigerator, a sign that his father does not believe him to be able to hunt on his own. Morris cathes them at this place, soon joined by Hazar, who mostly wants to enjoy the hunt of such big game. Oskari and the president manage to escape, riding down a slope in the refrigerator, and arriving in the lake where Air Force One has crashed. They find shelter in the plane, but Hazar finds them, arms a bomb, but is then abandonned by Morris. They manage to escape using the pilots' ejection seats, killing Hazar and Morris in the process. Oskari is accepted among the hunters, having accomplished an even bigger feat than his father had.

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