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Wednesday, January 17th, 2024

Death on the Nile

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Jackie Bellefort is planning to marry Simon Doyle, but when he meets her rich friend Linnet Ridgeway he leaves Jackie to marry Linnet. Six weeks later, Poirot is in Egypt and through his friend Bouc attends the wedding of Simon and Linnet. The couple is constantly harassed by Jackie and decides, to escape her, to organize a cruise on the Nile with the wedding guests. Jackie manages to get on board anyway and one evening in the saloon, when most guests are already in their cabins, she points a gun at Simon and shoots him in the leg before running away. People run around, fetch a doctor to tend to Simon's wound and catch Jackie. The next morning however, Linnet is found dead in her bed by her maid Louise and her valuable necklace stolen. Poirot starts to investigate and discovers that a scarf and a tube of red paint had disappeared in the past few days. Later Louise is found dead with money in her pocket. After a round of interrogations, Poirot infers that Bouc had found Linnet dead before Louise and stolen the necklace, as he is not rich enough to marry Rosalie. Bouc had witnessed Louise's murder, but is killed before revealing the killer. Poirot then locks the guests in the saloon and reveals how it happened. Jackie has pretended to wound Simon, who used the red paint to simulate blood and who then had the time to pickup the gun, run to Linnet's cabin and kill her before coming back to the saloon and shoot himself in the leg, muffling the shot with the scarf. He has been in love with Jackie all along and followed her plan to marry Linnet and the kill her to inherit her fortune. Jackie also killed Louise who was blackmailing her, as well as Bouc who had seen them. Jackie then kills Simon and herself.

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