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Sunday, February 25th, 2024

Die Hard

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On Christmas Eve, police detective John McClane flies fro New York to Los Angeles to spend Christmas with his family, whom he has not seen since his wife moved there for work six months ago. He meets her at her employer's building, where a party is taking place. Soon after, the building is taken by terrorists, locked down and all the employees are rounded up. John manages to escape and learn about the attackers. He first triggers a fire alarm that is cancelled by the terrorists. After having killed one of them and taken his radio, he moves to the roof to contact the police, who reluctantly sends a patrol car. Attacked by two more villains, McClane throws the body of a dead terrorist at the police as it drives away, finally getting the law enforcement full attention. A SWAT team attempts to enter the building, but they are killed by the well-prepared villains (who are actually thiefs, as they are in the process of forcing open the company's vault to steal a fortune in bearer bonds). While fighting the attackers, McClane has taken a bag containing C4 and detonators, which they really want to recover. John also discovers that the roof is set to explode. He unknowingly meets the gang's boss, Gruber, and in the ensuing fight loses the detonators. As expected by Gruber, the FBI has taken over the operation and shut down the electricity, effectively disabling the magnetic lock of the vault and allowing the thieves to plunder it. Still posing as terrorists and having demanded a helicopter, Gruber gets all the hostages to the roof, planning to make it explode as the helicopter lands and to escape through the basement in the ensuing confusion. McClane however manages to get the people down from he roof before it explodes. As Gruber has discovered the existence of John's wife Holly, he threatens to kill her if John does not surrender. McClane does so, after having hidden a gun on his back that he uses to kill Gruber.

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