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Monday, December 18th, 2023


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Leto Atreides is ordered by the Emperor to take control of the planet Arrakis from which the Harkonnen have been asked to leave. When the Atreides household arrives on Arrakis, they find that before leaving, the Harkonnen have sabotaged most of the equipment used for harvesting the spice from the desert. Atreides also attempts to make peace with the Fremen, who inhabit the planet since before the spice was discovered and started to play an important role in interstellar navigation. The Fremen, dominated by the Harkonnen, also believe that Leto's son Paul is the Mahdi who is prophesied to come some day and lead the Fremen. The emperor's purpose in ordering the Atreides to Arrakis is actually to trigger a war between them and the Harkonnen in order to get rid of two Great Houses that would threaten his authority. Paul also happens to be the result of centuries of genetic selection by the Bene Gesserit, a secretive sisterhood to whom his mother Jessica belongs and who aims to create a being who will guide humanity to a better future. When the Harkonnen attack the Atreides, Leto and most of his household are killed; Paul and Jessica escape, eventually find the Stilgar tribe of Fremen about whom Paul has had recurrent dreams.

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