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Friday, July 26th, 2019

For a Few Dollars More

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The psychopath bandit El Indio is sprung out of jail by his gang; his cellmate has revealed that in the El Paso bank, the money is actually hidden in a small safe disguised as a liquor cabinet instead of the large, prominent safe. When a large bounty is put on El Indio's head, Manco and Mortimer, two competing bounty hunters guess that El Paso's bank is El Indio's target. Despite Manco having infiltrated the gang, they are taken by surprise when the bank is robbed in an unconventional way, and enventually agree to cooperate to catch the bandit. They enventually converge to a small Mexican town where Mortimer offers his service for opening the safe using acid. But Mortimer is recognized by one of the bandits and when the boundy hunters attempt to take the money at night, they are caught and beaten up. El Indio releases the two bounty hunters, stages a murder and sends his accomplices to chase them, in the hope they would all be killed (which indeed happens) while he flees with his loot. But the money has been hidden by Manco, giving Mortimer and him time to confront him in a duel. Mortimer kills El Indio (which was his goal since the beginning), thus avenging his sister who killed herself while El Indio was raping her after he having killed her fiancee. Manco gathers all the bodies to collect the bounties, and Mortimer leaves alone.

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