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Dimanche, 13 août 2017

Jurassic Park

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Paleontologist are invited to give their approval of a theme park, built on an isolated island, featuring real dinosaurs, genetically reconstructed from DNA found in jurassic mosquitos preserved in amber. During the tour of the park, the main IT engineer runs a program that disables safety measures so that he can steal embryos and resell them. At the same time, a storm arrives on the island, and the engineer, lost in the park, gets killed by a carnivorous dinosaur. More dinosaurs get loose as the electric fences are unoperative. The humans, blocked in the middle of the tour, manage to escape the tyrannosaurus and spend the night in a tree. Meanwhile, other people attempt to reboot the whole computer system and restart the power plant to be able to call for help, while escaping velociraptors. In the end, the surviving characters escape the island by helicopter.

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