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Wednesday, February 8th, 2017


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Maleficent is the guardian faerie of the Moors. The king of the neighbouring kingdom, failing to invade the Moors, promises the crown to whomever gets rid of Maleficent. Stefan, a stableboy who had developed a romantic relationship with Maleficent, gives in to his greed and treacherously cuts Maleficent's wings and gives them to the dying king. Some time later, the King becomes father of Aurora, who is blessed by three fairy godmothers, and cursed for revenge, by Maleficent. She observes how Aurora grows up and becomes fond of her. As Aurora turns sixteen, Maleficent fails to prevent the curse from happening, and Aurora falls into a the announced death-like sleep, from which she can only be awoken by true love's kiss. A kiss by a prince that Aurora had briefly met earlier fails to wake her up, but she does wake up after being kissed on the brow by Maleficent. The latter then fights the king, who eventually dies. Aurora then becomes queen of both the kingdom and the Moors, and marries the prince nonetheless.

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