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Monday, March 13th, 2023

Shadow of a Doubt

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Charlie Newton lives with her parents in Santa Rosa. One day, her uncle Charlie announces he would soon arrive and spend some time with the family. He bears expensive gifts and opens an account with a large sum of cash at the bank. The whole family is happy to see their uncle they had not seen in a long while. But Young Charlie notices strange things happening: her uncle cuts tears away and hides a newspaper article, and he refuses to have his picture taken. Young Charlie learns from the paper and then from the photographer (who is really a police detective under cover) that her uncle is under suspicion of being the “Merry Widow Murderer” who has killed three women back East. Uncle Charlie also once inadvertently reveals his hatred of rich widows. When Young Charlie confronts him, he admits being one of the two suspects being chased by the police. She also agrees not to tell anything to her mother, who idolizes her younger brother and would be devastated. The detective then tells Young Charlie that the other suspect has been killed and is believed to have been the murderer. But Young Charlie knows too much, and she has two suspicious accidents, once on a broken staircase and the second time she is lured by her uncle into the garage where the car running and cannot get out. She survives thanks to a neighbour who was passing by and heard her banging at the jammed door. Uncle Charlie then decides to leave on the next day along with a rich widow. On the train, He manages to retain his niece as it leaves the station and tries to to throw her out of the door, but he instead falls in front of an oncoming train. At the funeral, Young Charlie meets the detective again (who is in love with her) and they agree to keep Uncle Charlie's crimes a secret.

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