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Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019


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The stagecoach leaves Tonto, Arizona for Lordburg, New Mexico. It is accompanied by a Cavalry escort, as Geronimo the Apache chief has recently attacked several stagecoaches. The sheriff is also riding as shotgun guard, as Ringo has escaped prison when he learned that his father and brother have been murdererd by Luke Plummer in Lordburg. The sheriff catches Ringo as he is stranded along the road and takes him into the coach. On the first relay, the cavalrymen ride back to Tonto, but the next escort is not available, as it has been chasing Geronimo. After a vote, the passengers decide to continue towards Lordburg. At the second relay, there is still no escort, and one of the passengers, who was pregnant, is having her baby. A couple of days later, they continue and have to improvise a raft with the coach as the Apaches have destroyed the ferry. Soon later, the are chased by Geronimo's Apaches and, as all hope is lost as they have fired all their bullets, they are saved by the cavalry. In Lordburg, Luke Plummer hears about Ringo's arrival and gathers his two brothers to try and kill Ringo, but the latter survives the shootout. The sheriff releases Ringo, who leaves to his ranch in Mexico with his girlfriend, one of the passengers of the coach.

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