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Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Superman Returns

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Five years after having left Metropolis, Superman is back. Clark Kent discovers that Lois has a boyfriend, and won the Pullizer price for an editorial on “Why the world does not need Superman”. At the same time, Lex Luthor manages to find Supermans' Fortress of Solitude and steals the crystals that have built its struture. Luthor's plan is to grow using the crystals a new continent in the Atlantic Ocean, that will eventually destroy North America. The first experiments have caused massive power outages, and Lois Lane, investigating the causes of the outage, inadvertently finds Luthor's base. She and her five year old son are made prisoners on Luthor's boat; Luthor takes them to sea where he uses one crystal and kryptonite to seed his new contient. Lois's son accidentaly makes a demonstration of his super-strength, and Luthor abandons them in the sinking ship. Lois's boyfriend attempts to save them, but gets trapped, and they are eventually saved by Superman. The latter then tries to catch Luthor on the newly grown island. Since its ground is laced with kryptonite, Superman is beaten by Luthor's goons and left for dead in the sea; e's saved in the nick of time by Lois and her family. Superman then lifts the island from the ground and throws it into space. He's however wounder by a shard of kryptonite, and ends up in a coma in the hospital. There, Lois reveals him that he's the father of her son. Soon after, Superman gets better, and Lois writes an article on “Why the world needs Superman”.

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