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Thursday, May 24th, 2012

The Accidental Spy

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Jackie, an orphan, is contacted by a private detective who tells him that his father, a wealthy Korean man and a former spy, is still alive but dying, and wants to give him his inheritance if he can follow the clues. Jackie ends up in Turkish bank where he retrieves a large sum of money and a small package. He soon gets attacked but fences off the thugs. Then he meets two women: Carment, a Koran reporter and Yong, whose scarf is embroidered with the same text as one of his father's clues, before being attacked again. The reporter happens to actually be a CIA agent and she tells him that the thugs are after a plant producing a super-opium. The other woman appears to be working for Lee, a crime lord, to whom Jackie's “father” had promised the plant. Jackie escapes Lee's clutches, and the latter offers Jackie the life of the woman in exchange for the plant. Jackie eventually finds out the location of the plant (2 vials, hidden by a Turkish priest, friend of his “father”) and gives it to Lee. Jackie tells Carmen what he has done, but as Yong dies, he tries (and after a long car/truck chase, manages) to recover the vials, but is severely wounded. Waking up in hospital, he is told by the “private detective” (actually a US agent) that this was all an intelligence mission with Jackie as the main agent to recover the plant.

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