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Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

The Angry Birds Movie

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On the flightless birds' island, nobody likes Red very much because he's a loner and gets easily angry. When the pigs debark on the island claiming to be peaceful explorers bringing gifts, nobody listens to Red's suspicions about the pigs' intentions. Red and a couple of friends then climb the mountain at the center of the island searching for Mighty Eagle, the legendary protector of the island and the only bird who can fly. They are desappointed by the self-centered, recluse bird, and climb back to the village, unable to prevent the pigs from getting away with all the birds' eggs. The birds turn to Red for a solution; they then buils a ship and sail to the pigs' island. With a giant slingshot abandoned by the pigs, they attempt to thow themselves a the king of the pigs' castle, in the middle of their walled city. After an epic battle, Red and a few birds manage to recover the eggs, with the unexpected help of Mighty Eagle, and bring them back to the island. Red is then again accepted by the other birds.

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