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Sunday, March 24th, 2013

Toy Story 3

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Andy is going to college in a few days and does not play anymore with his old toys. Woody is the only one he plans to take with him. The toys (including Woody) are by mistake donated to a kindergarden (instead of being put into the attic as Andy planned). Andy manages to escape and ends up being picked by Bonnie, a little girl, while the other toys are savagely handled by kids too small to be able to play with them. They discover that the toys are ruled by Lotso the pink teddybear and a few goons, who assigns the newly donated toys to the smaller kids and keeps the toys prisoner at night so that they wouldn't escape. At Bonnie's place, Woody learns the truth about Lotso and decides to go and free his friends. They neutralize Lotso's goons and prepare to escape through the waste disposal system, but they are caught and end up in the trash bin and taken to the city dump. There they saved in the nick of time from the incinerator and manage to return to Andy's place just before he leaves to college. But Woody writes a not that convices Andy to give all the toys to Bonnie, who really knows how to play with them, the way he himself used to.

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