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Thursday, August 28th, 2008

Synoptic Comparison of MacGyver Title Sequences

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Completely useless, therefore absolutely essential: I made a synoptic comparison of the cues that form MacGyver's title sequence in the first five seasons.

One can notice that most episodes of the third season have a shorter title sequence (unless this is made by the Finnish channel rerunning it?). Also, some cues in season five have been re-shot, with an older and sexier-looking Richard Dean Anderson (and an older-looking-only Dana Elcar), instead of being taken from existing episodes.

Surprisingly, the first episode of the fourth season (The Secret of Parker House) contains cues that have not been used before and are not resused later in the season. The Pilot episode also shows the explosion and series title cue on a background taken from the end of the teaser instead of the black background that is used later.

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