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Monday, June 23rd, 2008

The Black Hole

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The crew of the spaceship Palomino finds the lost ship Cygnus near a black hole. They suffer damage from the black hole and manage to dock on the Cygnus, hoping to be able to repair their ship. There is only one human on board the Cygnus, one of the head of the lost expedition, but he is helped by a bunch of robots he made himself (most of the robots are actually brainwashed/robotized crew members from the Cygnus). The crew of the Palomino senses that something is wrong and tries to escape, but the captain of the Cygnus decides to take them with him into the black hole, which he wants to explore. The crew of the Palomino manages to escape before the destruction of the Cygnus, only to fall themselves into the black hole, where they find a surrealistic evocation of Heaven and Hell.

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