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Wednesday, June 25th, 2008


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In 1969, Martin Brice escaped arrest by chance while hacking with his friend Cosmo various bank accounts and transferring money to various charities. In the present, Martin is hiding from the FBI, has changed his name and is running a security firm that points out the flaws in security systems. He is contacted by two NSA agents to steal a universal cryptographic decoder made by a genius young mathematician. The NSA agents happen not to be working for the NSA after all, but for the organised crime. Cosmo (who didn't die in prison after all) is one of the leaders of the organisation, and he asks Martin to join him and make the world better by causing a major financial crash and making the rich equal to the poor. Martin refuses, and Cosmo changes his former record to make it easier for the FBI to find him, and also frames him in the murder of a Russian diplomat. Martin then tries to contact the NSA and exchange his freedom for the decoder. He and his team go the Cosmo's headquarter, a heavily guarded and protected complex, to retrieve the device. They get caught but manage to escape. They finally get caught by the NSA, but Martin manages to exchange the device and his silence against his and his team's freedom, knowing that the NSA wants the device for spying (illegally) on the US internal communications. But he gives the NSA a non-working device (they don't know it doesn't work) and keeps the core component for himself, using it for transfering money to charities once again.

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