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Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Automatic X Screen Saver -based Autoaway for Irssi

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xautoaway.pl is an autoaway script for Irssi that allows Irssi to go away automatically when your X Window session has been idle for some time. Additionaly, it supports Irssi running in a GNU screen, being detached from an xterm in one display and reattached to another xterm on another display. Distributed as-is, under “it-works-for-me” pseudo-license (and under GNU GPLv3 real license).

It requires the X11::Protocol module and some additional setup (the provided, incomplete extension to X11::Protocol to support MIT-SCREEN-SAVER and the screen wrapper to be run instead of GNU screen).

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The Legend of Zorro

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Ten years have passed. California is soon going to become a state and join the Union. Alejandro and Elena are married and have a son, Joaquin. Elena is pissed that Alejandro spends all his time as Zorro instead of with his family. She soons divorces from him, and Alejandro finds out she is dating Armand, a Frenchman who started a wineyard in San Mateo. But Elena is actually working under cover for the Pinkertons, who are spying on Armand on behalf of the United States' government. They soon discover that Armand is a member of Orbis Unum, a secret fellowship of knights who seek to keep the domination of the Old Continent and prevent the rise of the USA. Armand is importing secretely loads of soap and turning it into nitroglycerin (???), that will then be distributed to the Confederacy's army. Alejandro and Elena manage to stop the shipping of the explosive and save the day.

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