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Sunday, September 20th, 2009


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Jackie Chan is a supercop from Hong-Kong detached to the Chinese police to infiltrate drug lord Chaibat's organisation. In order to do so, Chan helps free Panther, a henchman of Chaibat from prison (with the support of the police). Panther likes Chan and decides to take him with him to Hong-Kong to meet Chaibat. They then go to Thailand where Chaibat betrays a number of other drug lords in order to acquire the entire production for himself. After that, they go to Malaysia, where Chaibat's wife is to be sentenced to death. Chaibat needs her alive, since she's the only one to know the code to his Swiss bank account. Chan is revealed as a cop by his girlfriend, whom they meet by accident at their hotel, and he's forced to help Chaibat free his wife in exchange for his girlfriend. Everyting turns out as planned, but Chan wants to take revenge on Chaibat's mistreatment of his girlfriend. They have a final fight on the roof of a train, and Chaibat falls down from the train.

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