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Saturday, October 9th, 2010

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

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After the death of their parents in the fire of their mansion, Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire are given to the care of their remote cousin Count Olaf. The latter is an actor who only hopes to get his hands on their money as soon as he is declared their legal guardian. When Olaf tries to kill them (by being run over by a train), they are given to the care of their uncle Montgomery Montgomery, a very nice herpetologist. But Olaf appears as a replacement for Montgomery's assistant, and the scientist refuses to belive the children's experience about Olaf. The next morning, he is found dead, and Olaf's plot is eventually exposed. The children are then given to the care of their aunt Josephine, who is afraid of very many things. They meet Olaf, disguised as an old sailor, and again she refuses to listen to the children. She is forced to write a suicide note, but manages to hide a secret message in it, telling she is hiding in a cave on the shore of the lake. The children meet her there, but they meet again Olaf on the lake, and he kills aunt Josephine while pretending to save Klause from drowning. He is then given again the custody of the three children. Olaf then organizes a theatre play where he is marrying Violet in order to legally access her inheritance, threatening to kill Sunny if she refuses to play along. Since he cast a real Justice of the Peace as the one presiding over the ceremony, Violet and him are legally married. But Klaus, while rescuing Sunny, discovers the apparatus, made of lenses, that Olaf had used to set fire to the Baudelaire mansion, and uses it to burn the wedding contract. Olaf is tried, but freed on appeal and disappears. The children are sent to new guardians.

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Without a Clue

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Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character created by Dr. John Watson to allow him to solve crimes incognito. Holmes, actually actor Reginald Kincaid, is fired by Watson who is jealous by the character's success with the public. But when printing plates for 5 £ notes are stolen, Watson recalls Holmes and starts investigating. A printing engineer, Peter Giles, disappeared at the same time as the plates. A series of planted clues leads the police to believe that he drowned in a lake while presumably fleeing from the police, but Watson notices traces of a kidnapping and soon follows the trail of Moriarty, accompanied by Giles' daughter Leslie. Watson however drowns in the river Thames while trying to board Moriary's boat. Holmes tries to solve the puzzle himself, since he promised to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, but fails. Then, a banknote printed only on one side is found by one of the Baker Streets Irregulars. The note's serial number is 234 (instead of the usual six digits), which Holmes, knowing Giles' favourite book is the Book of Psalms, deduces the printer is hold prisoner in the Orpheus theater, where “The Valley of the Shadow” was last played before it closed. They find the lair, and also Watson who had actually faked his death. They also discover that Leslie Giles is an accomplice of Moriarty, and not actually Giles' daughter (whose child, Leslie, is a transvestite boy). The old theatre eventually explodes, destroying the fake banknotes and presumably Moriarty as well. Watson is eventulally reconciled with Holmes.

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