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Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment

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Captain Lassard, of the 16th precinct, cannot restore the peace in his area since the neighborhood has been taken over by a mysterious gang. The chief of police gives him 30 days to cleanup and allows him 6 new men, whom Lassard gets from his brother, the Commandant of the Police Academy. The chief also promisses Lieutenant Mauser that if Lassard fails, he would become the new Captain. The new recruits are at first causing trouble, but finally manage to arrest a large number of gangsters. Mauser gets them released under false pretenses. Lassard's brother suggest to organize a fair in the area to strenghthen the bond between the inhabitants and the police, but the fair is raided by the gangsters, Lassard is suspended and Mauser becomes the new Captain. He then suspends Mahoney, who had played several tricks on him. Lassard then convinces Mahoney to infiltrate the gang to discover their hinding place. The operation is a success and the gang is finally arrested.

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