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Lauantai, 15. syyskuuta 2012

Wychwood Forest Fruits

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“A traditionally crafted beer, infused with mixed bramble berries”

Very sweet and fruity, smells more like strawberry than bramble berries, verging on tasting too much like fruits. Contains barley malt

Wychwood Brewery Co. Witney, Oxfordshire, England. 4.2% alcohol.

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Perjantai, 14. syyskuuta 2012

A Dance with Dragons

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ISBN: 9780006486114

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  • Daenerys has freed the slaves from several of the free cities (but as soon as she leaves, slavery goes on) and has become queen of Meereen. She has to deal with the slavers who oppose her and kill freed slaves every night. To put a stop to it, she accepts to marry one of the important persons of the city and has to make many concessions. Her three dragons also cause damages and kill people. One of them flees, while she keeps the other two penned. After her wedding, during a public event, the dragon comes back and start killing people. Trying to prevent it from being killed by the guards, she flees on its back, and she is presumed dead, but eventually joins a tribe of Dothraki. The two other dragons are freed by a prince of Dorne who wanted to marry Daenery but who had arrived too late; the dragons are wreaking havoc in Meereen.
  • Tyrion, after killing his father, flees to Pentos. There he travels with a small group including a young boy who happens to be Daenery's newphew, Aegon Targaryen. The latter plans to join Daenery in Meereen before reclaiming his throne in Westeros, but eventually decides to hire sellswords and go west straight. During his trip, Tyrion is taken prisoner by Ser Jorah Mornont who wants to bring him to Daenerys, but they are made prisoner by slavers. They reach Meereen, but cannot make contact with Daenerys. They escape slavery during an epidemic and becoming sellswords, preparing to attack Meereen.
  • Bran and his friends travel beyond the wall, guided by a mysterious character that may be a good wight. He finally finds the thee-eyed crow, a barely living creature who teaches him to become a greenseer and to read the past in the weiwoods.
  • Jon is commander of Castle Black and, given the lack of soldiers on the wall to defend it agains the wights that will attack during the winter, he decides to allow wildlings to come south of the wall and to man the abandonned castles. King Stannis spends some time at the wall, before moving south to attack the Boltons. Just after receiving a letter informing him that Stannis has been beaten at Winterfell, Jon is stabbed by some of his men who don't like the idea of living with the wildlings.
  • Theon Greyjoy has been tortured by Ramsay Bolton and turned into his creature. Bolton, his father and many followers eventually take quarters in Winterfell, Ramsay naming himself its new lord. Ramsay also marries a girl who claims to be Arya Stark, but was actually a maid of Sansa's. A plot to free the fake Arya leads Theon to flee Winterfell with the girl and is captured by Stannis.
  • In King's Landing, Cersei is to be tried for having slept with too many men. In the shadow, Varys kills the people who would prevent Aegon from rising to the throne.

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Lauantai, 8. syyskuuta 2012

Williams Caesar Augustus

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“We use the term lager/IPA hybrid because we cold ferment this beer with a classic lager yeast. The initial fermentaion takes at least 2 weeks, after which we lager (store) the beer at zero degrees for a minimum of 4 weeks, during which period we add a chock load of classic IPA style hops”

Quite sweet and slightly bitter, rather fruity. Contains barley and wheat.

Williams Bros Brewing Co., Alloa, Scotland. 4.1% alcohol.

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