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Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness

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Kirk is relieved of command after having violated the Prime Directive to save Spock's life. Soon after, a secret Starfleet weapons's research facility is blown up by a mysterious captain Harrison. The latter then attacks the building where all high-ranking Starfleet officers are gathered to discuss the first attack. Harrison transports to a uninhabited area of Kronos, the Klingon homeworld, and Kirk is sent there to blow him up with a set of top-secret, advanced photon torpedoes. Kirk then decides to catch Harrison instead of simply blowing up the whole area. Harrison reveals that his is actually Khan, a bioengineered super-human created 300 years ago and revived in secret by admiral Marcus to develop weapons. The latter belives that the war with the Klingon is unavoidable and that Starfleet must become an armed force. Khan also reveals that he had hidden in the torpedoes the bodies of 72 other super-humans that he tried to protect from Marcus, who was using them as hostages to force Khan to work for him. Soon after leaving Kronos, Enterprise is attacked by a mysterious Starfleet ship, heavily armed, and commanded by Marcus. The latter wants Khan and the super-humans back. After boarding the ship with Kirk, Khan takes control and sends Kirk back to Enterprise in exchange for the torpedoes. Enterprise escapes towards Earth, chased by Khan who has discovered that the torpedoes are empty but armed, and disable the ship. Khan then crashe onto Starfleet's headquarter, while Kirk, in an attempt to prevent Enterprise to do the same, dies from radiation poisoning repairing the engine. Spock then chases Khan (who had survived the crash) to take a sample of his blood, ther latter having regenerative properties, and saves Kirk's life. Some time later, Kirk and Enterprise leave for a five year exploration mission.

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