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Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Brewdog Dead Fake Lager

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Flowery, lightly bitter but sweet with a honey-ish aftertaste. Contains barley.

BrewDog Ltd., Ellon, Scotland. 4.7% alcohol

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Police Academy: Mission to Moscow

Categories: [ TV/Cinema/Police Academy ]



The head of the russian mafia, Konali, has released a video game that is played worldwide. Unable to find proof and arrest him, the head of the Moscow police asks Lassard to come and help him with a team of his best men. They are set up by Konali and forced by the head of the police to leave Russia by the next airplane, but instead start chasing Konali's men, and eventually find Konali at his video game factory, where version 2 of his game, if released worldwide, would have allowed him to break into any computer system and take control of it. Konali escapes them and flees to his restaurant where Lassard, who had been separated from his team the whole time, arrests him.

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