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Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

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The two youngest children are back in Narnia, accidentally followed by their younger cousin Eustace. The arrive in the middle of the ocean and are rescued by Narnia's ship the Dawn Treader, where they meet Caspian, on a voyage to rescue the seven lords of Narnia. They learn about a strange green mist that makes ships and people disappear. They meet a magician who tells them they need to find the seven magical swords of the Lords to defeat the green mist. They find several of the swords on different islands. On the last one, Eustace is transformed into a dragon after wanting to loot a dragon's cursed treasure. They eventually arrive to an island where sits Aslan's table, where they must place all seven swords; three Lords are already there, magically asleep holding their swords, but one is still missing. A fairy appears and leads them the the Dark Island where they find the last sword fighting the evil (the White Queen) in the form of a sea serpent. Eustace as a dragon fight the serpen and is wounded with the seventh sword. He flies back to Aslans's table where Aslans transforms him into a boy again and heals him. Eustace places the sword on the table and all evil suddenly disappears, the disappeard people reappearing again. In the end, they go the the shore facing Aslan's world; he tells them they are too old to visit Narnia again, but that Eustace may come back some day.

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