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Thursday, July 9th, 2015

The Vor Game

Categories: [ Books/Barrayar ]

The Vor Game was published in 1990 by Lois McMaster Bujold.

After graduating from the Imperial Academy, Miles is sent to a remote arctic training camp as the new weather officer. Refusing to obey an illegal order from the camp's commander, General Metzov, Miles is charged with mutiny and treason and, his behaviour having been considered the right one, spends some time in detention in the depths of ImpSec as his career in the Imperial Service is over. He's then transferred to ImpSec and sent by Illyan on a covert mission in the Hegen Hub as an arms dealer to investigate the military preparations in space stations, the Vervani (who have hired Randall's Rangers mercenaries) and Aslunder (protected by former Dendarii Mercenaries, now again under Oser's rule). He's then framed by his customer for murder, fails to flee, separated from his superior officer and made prisoner. In detention, he stumbles upon incognito Emperor Gregor, who, depressed, failed to commit suicide before fleeing from his diplomatic duty on Komarr. Disguised as a worker, Miles accompanies Gregor to Aslund station, where he makes contact with the Dendarii, asking their help for reaching the Barrayaran embassy on Aslund. Instead, they are delivered into the hands of Cavilo the femme fatale commander of Randall's Rangers, seconded by Metzov, now a mercenary. Cavilo keeps Gregor close to her, and sends Miles on a mission to retake command of the Dendarii as Admiral Naismith. Miles succeeds with the help of the his friends among the Dendarii, and guesses Cavilo's plan to marry Gregor and become Empress of Barrayar, abandoning her first plan to let the Cetagandans invade the Hub and loot the planets in the confusion. Luring Cavilo and Gregor to his ship as she is abandoning her mercenaries, Miles recovers his emperor and keeps the Cetagandan invasion at bay by letting Gregor diplomatically unify the forces of the Hub until they are reinforced by Barrayaran ships. In the end, Illyan agrees to make the Dendarii a tool of ImpSec.

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