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Monday, April 17th, 2017

Smurfs: The Lost Village

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The Smurfette is the only Smurf who is not named after what she does. One day in the forest, she sees a blue creature that she does not know. She's soon after captured by Gargamel, and they both discover, from the hat lost by the creature, that it is possibly a Smurf living in a village in the forbidden forest. She is freed by a few fellow Smurfs, and the next night, they decide to go to this other village. After escaping dangerous flowers and animals, they follow the river on a raft, and barely escape Gargamel, who also went searching for the village. The Smurf party discover a village in the trees, inhabited only by female Smurfs. Papa Smurf, who had discovered the disappearance of the Smurfette's party, then appears. Soon after, Gargamel attacks the village in the trees, capturing all Smurfs except the Smurfette because she is not a real Smurf and has no magical blue essence. At his lair, Gargamel starts extracting the essence from the captured Smurfs as the Smurfette appears. Gargamel uses his magic on her, she absorbs it all, causing the lair to explode and the Smurfette to turn back into a lump of blue clay. Back at their village, the Smurfs mourn her, and their magic gives life to the Smurfette once again.

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