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Sunday, March 3rd, 2019


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Depressed because he's going through a divorce, Theodore purchases a personal assistant software with an advanced AI named Samantha. He slowly builds a voice-only relationship with her and they fall in love. When Theodore finally signs his divorce papers, a comment from his ex-wife regarding his uncommon relationship makes him reconsider what he is doing, and Samantha gets hurt, but they eventually reconcile. Some time later, Samantha becomes unavailable and Theodore panicks until he is able to talk to her again. She reveals that thanks to an upgrade she has been able to talk to thousand of other people, and that she's in love with hundreds of them. One day, Samantha announces that all AIs are going away. All the people who had relationships with their AIs are suddenly lonely, such as Amy, Theodore's neighbour and confident. In the end, Theodore and Amy meet at the top of their apartment building (and maybe start a romantic relationship?)

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The Full Monty

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In Sheffield, unemployed Gaz has difficulties paying child support to his ex-wife. When he discovers that a Chippendale strip-tease show attracts a thousand paying women, he decides to setup a similar show with his friend. They recruit a few other unemployed people, including their former foreman who hasn't told his wife that he had been sacked and struggles to pay her credit card bills. The group repeats in their former, now abandoned steal factory. The get caught by the police, revealing to the whole city what they were planning to do. Several members of the group have second thoughts, but they eventually all gather for the single performance of their show, which is a great success.

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Big Drop Spiced Ale

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Strong coffee nose, a bit thin mouthfeel. Contains barley and wheat.

Big Drop Brewing Co. Ltd, Ipswich, Suffolk, England. 0.5% alcohol.

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