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Thursday, December 12th, 2019

Beethoven's 5th

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Sara and Beethoven spend the summer at Sara's uncle Freddy in a small town called Quicksilver. During at stroll in the mountain, Beethoven returns with an old 10 dollar bill which is quickly identified as part of the treasure hidden by a bank robber couple in the 1920s, and is worth a lot more to collectors. Soon many inhabitants go searching for the loot, while Sara gets repeatedly threatened by someone who obviously doesn't want her to find the treasure. Searching for information about the robbers, Sara and her friend Garrett start by suspecting the grumpy librarian, but they eventually manage to get Beethoven to lead them to the treasure (in the old mine) where they are attacked by the head of the local chamber of commerce; the librarian is innocent even if he's the direct descendant of the robbers.

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