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Monday, June 22nd, 2020

A Hat Full of Sky

Categories: [ Books/Discworld ]

ISBN: 9780552551441

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Tiffany leaves the Chalk to train as a witch with Mrs Level in the mountains. She is followed by an ancient creature, a hiver, who takes possession of powerful persons' bodies and drives them mad. The Nac Mac Feegle, aware of the threat, send a small group after Tiffany to protect her, but the hiver takes possession of her before they arrive. The hiver looks at people's thought and give them the power to get what their primitive instinct wants; Tiffany thus becomes a bully of a witch. Able to travel between worlds, they enter Tiffany's mind, where a small part of what is left of Tiffany tells them to fetch objects which smell like her most powerful memories of the Chalk. Awoken by the smell, she uses the power of the Chalk to reject the hiver. Soon after Granny Weatherwax, who has been aware of the hiver when Borrowing from bees, arrives and together with Tiffany they go far in the mountain, where the hiver could not harm anyone. But it does not attack, and in the morning they return to the village for the Witch Trials, a yearly fair that Granny has never missed. This is where the hiver attacks, just after Tiffany understands that the hiver does not think and only gives the people what they think they want. She talks to the hiver in her mind, and it tells her that it is as old as the Disc and it wishes to die. Tiffany then opens a door the realm of Death to let the hiver go; since the door has closed behind her she is almost stuck there, but Granny comes and takes her out, telling her that it is sometimes the duty of a witch to help people to die who don't know how. As Tiffany has no witch hat, Granny gives her her hat, which gets all the other witches talking. Later Tiffany brings the hat back to Granny, and they become closer, Granny being very impressed by the young witch.

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