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Dimanche, 27 septembre 2020

Wonder Woman

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Catégories : [ TV/Cinéma/DC ]



Diana, daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta lives on a hidden island with the amazons, preparing for return of Ares. The latter had killed most of the gods and was defeated by Zeus, but is said to return one day. In 1918, Steve Trevor, a British spy, crash lands near the island and describes World War I to the amazons and the secret research by Maru and Ludendorff for the ultimate chemical weapon. The amazons are not convinced that it marks the return of Ares, but Diana decides to help Trevor return to Britain. Back in London, they meet Sir Patrick Morgan who tries to negotiate an armistice; the military is not interested in Trevor's discovery, but Sir Patrick decides to financially support Trevor in his attempt to destroy Ludendorff's secret weapon at his base in Belgium. Trevor recruits a small commando and leaves for Belgium with Diana. They first observe Ludendorff at a party where he attempts to gather support against the armistice and his plan to demonstrate his secret weapon by using it on London. Trevor and Diana then discover the secret base and while Diana seeks to Ludendorff, convinced that he is Ares, Trevor attempts to prevent a bomb raid to London and dies in the attempt. The death of Ludendorff does not stop the war, and Diana understands she was wrong. Sir Patrick then appears out of nowhere and reveals himself as being Ares, justifying his attempt to kill humanity by the fact that humans are not the perfectly good beings that Zeus claimed having created. Diana eventually kills Ares just as the war ends.

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Dimanche, 13 septembre 2020

Hiisi Lutakko

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Catégories : [ Bière/Hiisi ]


“pohjaa brittiläisiin perinteisiin… cascara eli kahvin hedelmäliha… sisältää coffeiinia”

Ei mitään erikoista. Sisältää ohramallasta.

Panimoyhtiö Hiisi, Jyväskylä, Suomi. 5.5% alkoholia.

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Lundi, 7 septembre 2020

Sète à huîtres

Catégories : [ Livres/BD/Leo Loden ]

ISBN: 9782302081789

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En vacances à Sète, Léo accepte d'enquêter sur la mort suspecte d'un ostréiculteur de l'étang de Thau. Ce dernier refusait d'élever des huitres triploïdes (et était donc moins victime du virus OsHV-1 que ses voisins) et s'opposait activement à l'ouverture d'une écloserie. La rumeur prétend que la victime infectait ses concurrents avec le virus, mais l'assassinat d'un ingénieur travaillant sur une méthode permettant de se passer d'écloserie ainsi que le témoignage de deux ostréiculteurs fait penser à Loden que la victime est morte dans un accident et que le directeur de l'écloserie est responsable de la rumeur et de l'assassinat de l'ingénieur.

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Dimanche, 6 septembre 2020

Porterhouse Red

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Catégories : [ Bière ]


“fruity… malty caramel… Galena, Nugget, East Kent Goldings hops”

The smell reminds me faintly of strawberry. Otherwise just another ale, but quite nice. Contains barley malt and wheat malt.

Porterhouse Brewing Company, Dublin, Ireland. 4.2% alcohol.

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Samedi, 5 septembre 2020

Despicable Me 3

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Catégories : [ TV/Cinéma ]



As Gru fails to catch Bratt, a child-actor turned super-villain, he is kicked out of the Anti-Villain League. The minions expect him to become a villain either, but when he refuses, most of them leave. Gru then discovers that he has a twin brother Dru, who invites him and his family to his estate on a paradise island. Dru dreams of becoming a super-villain like their father was and asks Gru to train him. Gru refuses at first, but when he learns that Bratt has stolen the world's largest diamond, he accepts to take Dru with him to Bratt's lair to steal back the diamond (and get reinstated in the League). The attempt fails due to Dru's lack of experience, and Bratt uses the diamond to power a super-laser installed in a giant robot, meant to cut Holywood out of the city and lift it into space (as a revenge for his show getting cancelled, many years ago). Dru manages to stop the robot, Gru defeats Bratt. Gru in reinstated in the League and send to catch Dru, who has become a real super-villain and has been joined by the minions.

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