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Sunday, October 25th, 2020

Beavertown Neck Oil

Categories: [ Beer/Beavertown ]


Very citrusy, quite good. Contains barley.

Beavertown Brewery, London, England. 4.3% alcohol.

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Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

Noursella v3

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Categories: [ Cooking/Choco Noursy ]

Mise à jour du Noursella v2 avec de la vanille et adaptée à de nouveaux ingrédients, disponibles en Finlande.


  • 56g chocolat noir (Pirkka luomu reilun kaupan tumma suklaa 72%)
  • 250g pâte de noisette (100% noisette, Rapunzel Haselnussmus 100% Haselnüsse)
  • 70g cacao en poudre (Callebaut Cocoa Powder CP-E0-776, 22/24% matière grasse)
  • 110g sucre glace (Dan Sukker tomusokeri)
  • 30g sucre vanillé (à base de sucre glace, Dan Sukker Vaniljasokeri)
  • 20-30g huile végétale neutre (Apetit rypsiöljy)


Faire fondre le chocolat (cassé en petits morceaux, 2 min au micro-ondes), y mélanger la pâte de noisette (d'abord l'huile qui surnage, puis la partie solide) jusqu'à obtenir un appareil homogène. Placer le cacao, le sucre glace et le sucre vanillé dans un tamis à farine, et ajouter en plusieurs fois dans le mélange chocolat-noisette, en mélangeant bien à chaque étape. Ajouter finalement de l'huile en fonction de la texture souhaitée: 20g d'huile donne une pâte plus difficile à tartiner sur une crêpe, 30g d'huile donne un pâte plus liquide mais une petite partie de l'huile va remonter à la surface au bout d'une semaine.


Dans un pot en verre (propre…), plusieurs semaines dans un placard à température ambiante.

Des chiffres

Masse totale: 540g

  • Lipides: 42g pour 100g
  • Glucides: 31g pour 100g (sucres: 30g pour 100g)
  • Protéines: 10g pour 100g
  • Fibres: 5.5g pour 100g

Prix: 16,42 EUR (30,41 EUR/kg)

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Monday, October 12th, 2020

Something Rotten

Categories: [ Books/Thursday Next ]

ISBN: 9780340825952

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After two years spent in the BookWorld as Jurisfiction's Bellman, Thursday returns to the real world, accompanied with her son Friday and Shakespeare's Hamlet. She discovers that the Whig party leader Yorrick Kayne (who has already caused some trouble earlier) is campaigning to become dictator of England (a fact confirmed by Thursday's time-travelling father who warns her that if the Swindon croquet team does not win the finals, Kayne will eventually cause a nuclear holocaust; the 13th century St Zvlkx, who has made remarkably accurate predictions in the past however predicts that Swindon will win the game). Kayne is very successfully misdirecting the population's attention to hating the Danes, who are accused to be the source of all of England's problems, ordering all Danish books to be destroyed. Equally surprising is the fact that the Goliath Corporation is transforming from a company into a faith organisation where customers would become followers; as part of the process they offer to repair all the damages they have caused in the past, allowing Thursday to ask Goliath to un-eradicate her husband Landen (which eventually happens, after a few cycles of him appearing and disappearing). In parallel, Thursday gets her job back at SpecOps (despite having been AWOL for two years) and promises she would find a way to hide several truckloads of books in Wales. The solution arises when she discovers that in order for Swindon to win the croquet game after Goliath, supporting Kayne, has scared off its best players, she needs the help of the genetically re-engineered neanderthals (who play croquet very well but are not at all interested in competition). The neanderthals, who cannot make children, accept on the condition that she helps them find their species' blueprints from the lab at the Welsh border where they had been created decades ago. The trip to Wales allows her to hide the books and secure the cooperation of the neanderthals for the croquet game. Thursday then confronts Kayne, and while she has failed to recover the self-published novel by a Danish author from which Kayne has escaped, the latter is transformed into a human during a duel with the Cheshire Cat and loses his inhuman ability of persuasion (which was amplified by the ovinator, an invention by Thursday's uncle Mycroft). The ovinator is destroyed by Hamlet just before the croquet game, which Swindon wins by a hair. Just at the end, Thursday is mortally wounded by the Minotaur who had escaped from the BookWorld two years ago under the action of an accomplice of Kayne's, but as she enters the Underworld, the assassin who had been paid by Kayne to kill her and had been mortally wounded in an accident decides to take her place. When she wakes up from her coma a few weeks later, she learns that St Zvlkx was a time traveller who had been placing bets on future events with England's oldest betting shop before reappearing in the present and dying in a road accident. The betting shop now must pay several billions of pounds in gains; being indirectly owned by Goliath, it forces the corporation to sell half of its shares to Zvlkx's sponsor.

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Justice League

Categories: [ TV/Cinema/DC ]



Steppenwolf is back and recovers the Mother Boxes in order to once again take over the Earth: one Box was guarded by the Amazons, one by the Atlants and the last one had been found recently and kept at S.T.A.R. Labs, where it had been used to save the life of Victor Stone, progressively transforming him into Cyborg. Warned by the Amazons, Wonder Woman joins forces with Batman to find more metahumans who could help them stop Steppenwolf. They manage to convince the Flash and a reluctant Aquaman to join them. They also decide that they need the help of Superman (who is currently dead) and manage to revive him using S.T.A.R. Labs' Mother Box, but Superman has lost his memories and is of no use; in the confusion, Steppenwolf takes the third box. The team tracks the villain to a village in Russia where they start fighting him, and are able to prevail only after Superman arrivers (having recovered his memories thanks to Lois Lane).

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Saturday, October 3rd, 2020

The Well of Lost Plots

Categories: [ Books/Thursday Next ]

ISBN: 9780340825938

© Amazon.fr

Thursday hides from Aornis in a never published story stored in the Well of Lost Plots, the counterpart of the fiction world's library (where published books are stored) which preserves unpublished books. She discovers that books are actually created in the Well and the stories are simply sent to the mind of real-world authors whose role is only to write them down. The Well is filled with generic characters, plot devices, various imaginary creatures, as well as misspelling vyrus, grammasites and other creatures who affect the text, sometimes to the point where it becomes useless. Unpublished books are preserved for a limited time, before they are taken apart and their components reused in other books. As Aornis exists in Thursday's mind in the form of a mindworm, trying to destroy her personality one memory at a time, Thursday quickly forgets about her husband Landen; thankfully her Gran helps her fight the mindworm and recover her memories. At the same time, Thursday completes her training as a Jurisfiction agent with Mrs. Havisham and becomes a fully qualified junior agent. She investigates the suspicious deaths of two of her Jurisfiction colleagues and some time later of Mrs. Havisham herself. All had been investigating BOOK version 9 (a.k.a. UltraWord), the new operating system allowing the Well to produce stories, send them to authors, let the readers actually read the book. UltraWord is created and promoted by Text Grand Central, and Thursday eventually discovers that UltraWord will not only severely limit stories to a very bland form of description and narration, rendering most of the jobs in the Well redundant, but it also allows the technicians of Text Grand Central to rewrite at will any text without anyone noticing. She makes those revelations during the Annual BookWorld awards, where a majority of the BookWorld population is asked to vote for or against the use of UltraWord. Only the apparition of the Great Panjandrum, summoned by Thursday using the emergency button of her Jurisfiction TravelGuide allows for the vote to take place without interference from Text Grand Central. The Great Panjandrum also names Thursday to be the next Bellman, superintendent of Jurisfiction.

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