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Wednesday, June 14th, 2023

It Happened One Night

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Ellen, daughter of rich banker Alexander Andrews flees her father who wants to annul her marriage to fortune-hunter King Westley. With no luggage and little money, she takes a bus in Miami with the purpose to reunite with her husband in New York City. On the bus she meets Peter Warne, a recently fired reporter who sees an opportunity to write a great story. As Peter threatens to tell her father where she is, she agrees to let him follow her. A storm and a broken bridge forces the bus to stop for the night and Peter manages to book a motel room for them, where they start getting better acquainted. As Ellen's father announces in the papers a reward for finding her daughter, Peter and her leave the bus when a passenger threatens to reveal her location. They hitchhike, steal a car and spend the night in another motel, only a few hours away from New York. Ellen confesses her love for Peter, but being broke he doesn't dare confess his. During the night he takes the car and drives to New York, writes his story and sells it to his former editor. But Ellen is expelled from the motel during the night, gives up and calls her father. She eventually reveals the whole story to her father, and some time later a proper wedding for Ellen and King is organized. Peter visits the banker on the day of the ceremony to claim the few dollars he had to spend to help Ellen travel, and refuses the huge rewards. Peter also reluctantly admits he loves Ellen before leaving. Alexander hints to her daughter that she can refuse to marry King until the last minute, which she does. She flees the wedding ceremony in her car and reunites with Peter. King agrees to an annulment in exchange for a large sum of money, Peter and Ellen get married and spend their honeymoon in a motel.

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