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Sunday, August 6th, 2023

The Apartment

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New York, end of 1959. Bud Baxter works for an insurance company and regularly lends his apartment to four of his superiors when they need a few hours alone with their lovers. In exchange, he gets glowing reviews, which attract the attention of the director of personnel Sheldrake. The latter also wants access to the apartment. Baxter is secretly in love with elevator operator Fran Kubelik, but he does not know that she is also Sheldrake's current lover. Sheldrake promises her to divorce his wife but always has excuses to delay doing it. During an office party on Christmas Eve, Fran learns that she's only the latest in a long string of Sheldrake's girlfriends to whom he had made the same promises. Later that evening at the apartment, Sheldrake leaves Fran alone in it to go celebrate Christmas with his family. When Bud comes back to his place, he find that Fran has attempted to commit suicide; he asks help from his neighbour, a doctor, who saves her life. Following the doctor's advice, Bud convinces Fran to stay with him for two days until she is recovered. They start playing gin rummy, but Fran is too tired to concentrate on the game. Later, as they prepare an informal romantic dinner, Fran she is retrieved by her sister's violent husband who punches Bud because he believes he is the reason for Fran's attempted suicide. Sheldrake fires his secretary and former lover for having told Fran about his girlfriends, and for revenge she tells his wife about them. Being kicked out of his home by his wife, Sheldrake believes he can finally marry Fran and on New Year's Eve he asks Bud for the key of his apartment. Bud refuses and quits his new, prestigious job as Sheldrake's executive assistant. He then goes home and starts packing. Sheldrake takes Fran to a New Year party, but she leaves him, runs back to Bud's apartment and asks him to finish their game of gin rummy.

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