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Tuesday, October 31st, 2023


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ISBN: 0380804557

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The village of Wall marks the border of the land of the Faeries. Seventeen years earlier, Tristran Thorn is born from a human father and a faerie mother, Una, slave of Semele, a witch who sells glass flowers at the Faerie market that takes place once every nine years. In love with Victoria, Tristran witnesses the fall of a star into the faerie land and promises to bring to her. At the beginning of his journey he meets a strange little man who, after being saved by Tristran's unexpected sense of direction, gives him the stub of a magical candle that takes him very quickly to the star. Instead of a rock, he finds a young woman with a broken leg, Yvaine. She is the star, who has been knocked out of the sky by the dying lord of Stronghold. The latter has thrown the pendant representing the power of his family out though the window and told his three remaining sons, Primus, Tertius and Septimus, that the one who finds it would be his heir. At the same time, a witch-queen, oldest of three sisters, is also searching for the star, as her heart would restore their youth. Upon fining Yvaine, Tristran has first chained her to him, but as he unchains her out of compassion, she flees on the unicorn she is riding. She ends up in an inn conjured by the witch-queen at about the same time as Tristran arrives in the company of Primus. The man is killed by the witch-queen, but Tristran and Yvaine manage to escape thanks to the leftover of the candle and are stranded on a cloud in the sky. Septimus, who has previously killed Tertius, is eventually killed by the witch-queen in an attempt to avenge Primus' death. Tristran and Yvaine are rescued by a flying ship which takes them closer to Wall. They eventually reach their destination by traveling with Semele (Tristran being turned into a dormouse, and Yvaine being invisible to the witch), a few days before the opening of the market. Tristran meets Victoria alone, and she tells him she is going to get married soon. Tristran gives her his blessing, having fallen in love with Yvaine. Victoria's wedding is the event that ends the convoluted curse that kept Una a slave to Semele. Una reveals herself as Tristran's mother and also daughter of the Lord of Stronghold. Yvaine then presents Tristran the pendant, which she has been carrying. The witch-queen dies of old age, as Yvaine already gave her heart to Tristran. Una returns to Stronghold and rule in her son's stead. Many years later, Tristran and Yvaine return to Stronghold and rule together.

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