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Sunday, December 3rd, 2023

V for Vendetta

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In a totalitarian London, Evey is harassed by members of the political police because she's walking outside after curfew. She is saved by a man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask who introducing himself as “V”. V takes Evey to the roof of a building to admire his work: destroying the Old Bailey. The next morning, by hijacking the public television network, V invites the citizens to join him in exactly on year from now, on November 5th, outside the House of Parliament. Evey helps V escape and he takes her to his lair. V kills three members of the ruling political party, the last one with Evey's help, but she betrays him and flees. Finch, a policeman assigned to capture V, discovers that twenty years earlier the murder victims were all working at a secret facility doing research on human beings to create a new virus. Only one human guinea pig developed a natural immunity, allowing to produce a cure, but he escaped the facility during a fire. The virus killed hundred of thousands in what was presumed to be a terrorist attack. The political situation then allowed Sutler, the head of the now ruling party, to seize power and install a dictatorship. Simultaneously, selling the cure enriched some members of the party. Evey takes shelter with her former boss, but his house is attacked because his latest TV show makes fun of Sutler. Evey hides, but is eventually caught, imprisoned and tortured. She refuses to submit to her captors and is then released and discovers she was actually being manipulated by V who was teaching her (the hard way) how not to be afraid anymore. Realizing that V is avenging the death of human guinea pigs, she promises to see him again before November 5th. V then convinces Creedy, head of the secret police, to betray Sutler and replace him in exchange of V's surrender. As November 5th approaches, V distributes hundreds of thousand of Guy Fawkes masks across the country leading to a rise of anonymous chaos and eventually riots. V takes Evey to the restored London underground where a train full of explosives is programmed to go under the House of Parliament and gives her the choice to start the train or not. V then meets Creed who delivers Sutler to him and he kills them both, getting mortally wounded in the process before going and lying down in the train. Finch finds Evey and V's body at that moment, but he allows to start the train. With Sutler and Creedy dead, the soldiers deployed on the street have no order to stop the countless citizens dressed as V as the converge towards Parliament House and witness its destruction.

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Hiisi Pääpäivä

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Aika makea. Siellä on just se maku josta en tykkä, mutta se ei ole niin paha. Sisältää ohramallasta.

Panimoyhtiö Hiisi, Jyväskylä, Suomi. 4.4% alkoholia.

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