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Sunday, December 24th, 2023

Le dernier des Cliftons

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ISBN: 9782808211468

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Un oncle de Clifton, chasseur en Afrique, est assassiné. Peu après, le père de Clifton est abattu dans la maison du détective, disant à son fils avant de mourir d'aller parler à son notaire. Ce dernier révèle l'existence d'un ancien pacte signé par un ancêtre de Clifton qui permet au comté de Puddington de devenir français à la mort du dernier Clifton. Et Napoléon XI cherche justement à les éliminer. L'autre oncle de Clifton est tué par une urne funéraire piégée après l'enterrement du père, mais le notaire et Miss Partridge finissent par éliminer Napoléon en lui tirant dessus avec le char d'assaut du père (une disposition du testament exige la présence du blindé à l'enterrement). Finalement, pour éviter au comté de devenir français, tous les amis de Clifton changent de nom pour devenir des Cliftons.

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Penric's Labors

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Masquerade in Lodi

ISBN: 9781982193034

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In Lodi on the eve of the Bastard's Day, Penric is asked to check if a madman who had just been saved from the sea by fishermen. The man is confused because he got a demon from a dying dolphin. Soon after Penric makes his diagnostic, the man flees the hospital and hides in the city. Penric seeks the help from Chio, the local saint, a young woman living in an orphanage, the only kind of person who can free the man from its demon. They manage to identify the man as Ree, the son of a local merchant who was at sea with his cousin Merin. They eventually find Ree hiding in a warehouse, fighting Merin who is trying to kill him. After Penric has immobilized the two men and Chio has returned the demon to its god, Ree reveals that Merin had thrown him overboard because he suspected him of stealing.

The Orphans of Raspay

On his way back home to Orbas, Penric's ship is boarded by pirates and he is taken prisoner. He befriends two orphan children who also are prisoner. On the island of Lantihera, controlled by pirates and slavers, Penric manages to keep the two children safe, and takes them with him when he escapes. He first rescues the sailors from his ship form the jail where they were waiting to be sold as slaves, but afraid of the sorcerer, they flee the island without him. Penric then wreaks havoc in the harbour, sinking ships and burning buildings, but with little chance of finding a ship on which to flee. He and the two children are then saved in the nick of time by his brother-in-law Adelis who was sent with a fleet to put a stop to the pirates' activities. Penric then goes back home with the children and places them as apprentices in a house of his order.

The Physicians of Vilnoc

Adelis asks Penric to investigate a mysterious disease that is killing a lot of his soldiers. Penric can use his magic to help the sick get step-by-step better, but the situation becomes desperate as the number of sick people increases and the mode of contagion cannot be determined (a wild experiment conducted by the only remaining army physician on himself proves it's not transmitted by the fleas on the rats). Penric also sends letters asking neighbouring cities to send sorcerers, but they remain unanswered. From a nearby camp of Rusylli prisoners he learns the name of the disease to be the blue witch. The arrival of Dubro, a inexperienced b fast-learning sorcerer, provides help, but as Adelis comes back from an expedition the number of sick soldiers increases again. During a desperate prayer to the Bastard, Penric is bitten by a blue fly. He also discovers that the army parks just outside the garrison sick and dying horses that suffer from the same disease. He then understand that all horses must be screened and the sick ones must be killed and burnt. This action and the sorcerers killing as many flies as they can allows to stop the epidemic and for Penric to go back home.

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