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Monday, April 15th, 2024

Creature from the Black Lagoon

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A geology expedition in the Amazon finds the fossilized, webbed hand of an unknown creature. Its leader, Carl Maia convinces a few friends and colleagues from the marine biology institute to mount an expedition to try and find the rest of the skeleton. When they arrive back at the camp on a ship, they find it destroyed and Maia's assistants, who stayed there, dead. After days of excavation, the find no trace of the skeleton, but get a hint that it may have been transported by the river to the “black lagoon”. A first dive in the lagoon provides no trace of the fossil, but the amphibious creature who killed the two assistants and has been observing the scientists accidentally leaves a claw behind, revealing its presence. Multiple encounters with the creature lead to the death of a couple of sailors and attempts to abduct Kay, the girlfriend of Maia's colleague David. They decide to leave the lagoon but the creature has blocked its exit with dead trees and repeated attacks prevents them from removing the blockage. While the men are busy trying to move the trees, the creature manages to abduct Kay. David fights it, chases it to its cavern lair and rescues his girlfriend. They leave the wounded creature flee into the depth, manage to finally remove the trees and leave.

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