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Lauantai, 13. elokuuta 2011

Williams Birds and Bees

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“golden summer ale brewed with a blend of Belgian pale malt, Nelson Sauvin & Amarillo hops and a later infusion of fresh elderflowers.”

Very flowery smell, very fruity and quite sweet taste. Very good. Contains wheat and malted barley.

Williams Bros Brewing Co., Alloa, Scotland. 4.3% alcohol.

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Lauantai, 29. tammikuuta 2011

Crouch Vale Brewers Gold

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“aromas of tropical fruits, bitter-sweet mouthfeel and a lasting hop presence”

Very fruity smell (and kind of flowery too), not too bitter. Very nice. Contains barley.

Crouch Vale Brewery, South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, England. 4.0% alcohol.

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Sunnuntai, 1. maaliskuuta 2009


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“marmalade and fruitiness… blend of Northdown, Target, Challenger and Goldings hops”

Smells of red fruits, sweet. Very good. Contains malted barley.

Fuller, Smith & Turner, London, England. 5.9% alcohol.

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Perjantai, 10. lokakuuta 2008

Fox's Nob

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“Local folklore tells of a fox that lived in and around the old Hightgate and Walsall Brewery. Althought frequent sightings of the fox were recorded no one ever caught more than a glimpse of the animal's head as he darted amongst the barrels. The old English word for head is Nob and this beer is named after that elusive fox.”

Quite bitter with a distinct nutty flavour, especially of bitter almond. Contains malted barley.

Highgate Brewery, Walsall, England. 4.0% alcohol.

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Sunnuntai, 17. helmikuuta 2008

Highgate Old Ale

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“A strong rich dark ale. Brewed since 1896 to the original Victorian recipe.”

Very sweet. Just another ale, but a sweet and good one. Contains malted barley.

Highgate Brewery, Walsall, England. 5.1% alcohol.

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Lauantai, 26. tammikuuta 2008

Morocco Ale

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“A rich, dark and mysterious ale brewed to the ancient recipe held secret at Levens Hall for over 300 years.

The recipe for Morocco Ale is believed to date from Elizabethan times. Every May-time until 1877 the uniqye, dark, spiced Morocco Ale, matured for 21 years, was served at a great feast held in Levens Gardens, Cumbria. The guests were requred to stand on one leg and empty in a draught a tall Constable glass filled with ‘Morocco’

whilst pledging to the ancient house – ‘`Luck to Levens whilst t’Kent flows.” ''

Quite sweet, with a slight metallic smell, and a slightly bitter after taste. The taste reminds me of some kinds of ginger breads, of cinnamon. After a while, I noticed that the smell reminds me a bit of Cola. Contains malted barley and wheat.

Daleside Brewery Ltd, Harrogate, Yorkshire, England. 5.5% alcohol.

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Maanantai, 21. toukokuuta 2007

Double Chocolate Stout

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“Chocolate malt and dark chocolate are combined with Young's award winning rich, full flavoured dark beer…”

It smells like hot chocolate, and its taste is both sweet and bitter, like a very rich hot chocolate, only cold and fizzy. The chocolate taste dominates completely the one of the stout. I would also guess that the chocolate has been made with Criollos or maybe Trinitarios cocoa beans. It's not sweet enough to go well with chocolate, though. Made of malted barley and oats.

Young & Co's Brewery P.L.C. The Ram Brewery, Wandsworth, London, England. 5.2% alcohol.

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Lauantai, 10. maaliskuuta 2007


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“Brewed with choice Styrian Golding hops…”

Quite sweet, it surprisingly tastes of flowers, maybe like violet. Made of malted barley. The 660 mL bottle is quite big, its content doesn't fit into a pint…

Wychwood Brewery Co., Whitney, Oxfordshire, England. 4.2% alcohol.

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Perjantai, 9. helmikuuta 2007

Old Legover

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“… essentially a Yorkshire beer with malt tastes slightly more prominent than the hop flavours… note the nutty overtones and the teasing late bitter-sweet sensations. Brewed using quality grains malts from a traditional Yorkshire maltster, a unique yeast strain, full-leafed hops and Yorkshire Dales water. The name Old Legover is the nickname of the Brewery's popular cask ale, originally called Daleside Country Stile.”

Just another ale, but a nice one. Slightly sweet, and only slightly bitter in the aftertaste.

Daleside Brewery, Starbeck, Harrogate, England. 4.1% alcohol.

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Keskiviikko, 6. joulukuuta 2006

Very Bad Elf

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“… brewed to an original 1795 Thames Valley recipe, with a very special pale amber malt that is rarely used nowadays, and balanced by a modest addition of English Fuggle aroma hops.”

Very flavourful, quite mild. Very good.

Ridgeway Brewing, Oxfordshire, England. 7.5% alcohol.

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Lauantai, 25. marraskuuta 2006

Old Winter Ale

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“The Crystal malts int the brew give a sweet, nutty character to the beer, whilst the Target, Challenger and Northdown hop varieties, help balance the strong, satisfying dark ale.”

Just another ale, but a good one, not bitter. Contains malted barley.

Fuller Smith & Turner, London, England. 5.3% alcohol.

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Perjantai, 24. marraskuuta 2006

Innis & Gunn Oak Aged Beer

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“For 30 days this honey-hued beer sleeps in hand selected oak barrels, locked inside a bonded warehouse, gradually assimilating the subtle flavours that reside in the wood. Barrels are then emptied and maturation continues for a further 47 days in a marrying tun… Aromas of vanilla and toffee, hints of citrus with a malty, lightly oaked palate.”

Very soft taste, that reminds of whisky and of chocolate mint. Delicious. Made of barley malt.

Innis & Gunn, Edinburgh, Scotland. 6.6% alcohol.

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Lauantai, 16. syyskuuta 2006

St. Peter's Honey Porter

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“A traditional English porter finished with honey for a truly unique aroma. … Our beautiful flask-shaped oval bottle is a faithful copy of one produced c. 1770 for Thomas Gerrard of Gibbstown, just across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. The original is now kept at St. Peter's Hall and is a rare example of an oval Eighteenth Century beer bottle.”

A surprising smell and taste of raspberry and honey. Very sweet and slightly bitter. Made of wheat and barley, contains honey flavouring.

St. Peter's Brewery, Bungay, Suffolk, England. 4.5% alcohol.

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