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Lundi, 18 juin 2007

xkcd – A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.

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Very geeky, quite funny.


xkcd.com (CC-by-nc)

“In fact, draw all your rotational matrices sideways. Your professors will love it! And then they'll go home and shrink.”


xkcd.com (CC-by-nc)

“That cat has some serious periodic components.”


xkcd.com (CC-by-nc)

“This one is from the Red Belt collection, of 'medium' difficulty.”

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Samedi, 18 novembre 2006


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© Space Coyote

Saturnalia is about a cop who gets dragged into a group of vigilante who fight for the right of androids, against another group who consider androids a threat against the humans and tries to get them exterminated.

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© Chris Hazelton

Ash was a boy until an angel messed up his life and turned him into a girl. Emily is a girl who just managed to get admitted in college, and whose last two years of hard work have just been erase by the same clumsy angel. Misfile is about the two heroes trying to cope with their new lives and getting the angel, exiled on Earth, to do enough good to be admitted back in heaven and fix his mistakes (before his bosses actually notice it).

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© Brion Foulke

Maytag is a shy woman who turns into a cheeky girl when she puts on her jester's costume. Bernadette is a fine swordswoman who dreams of becoming a knight.

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Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire

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© Mookie

Dominic Deegan is a seer. His life taks a sudden turn when he meets Luna, a beautiful girl (except for hers tusks) that her mother is trying to get killed. Later on, he discovers that he is chosen to fight against the Storm of Souls. And so on…

The series is quite fun and full of bad puns, just how I like it.

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Jeudi, 2 novembre 2006

The Wotch

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© Anne Onymous & Robin Ericson

A webcomic made by Anne Onymous and Robin Ericson and published at www.thewotch.com. Anne just arrived at Tandy's High School. Robyn and his friend Jason soon notice that she has magical powers. Anne is more than a witch, she's the Wotch, the most powerful witch in the world. Except that she's just beginning with all that magic stuff. With the help from Robyn and Jason, they are going to fight super-villains Anne made come out of their comics, demons, djinns, a bunch a feminist who want to get rid of all men, be turned into werecats and other magical creatures… One recurring trick of Anne's is to turn boys into girls (and Jason loves becoming Sonja, even if he won't admit it).

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