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Sunday, September 6th, 2015

Questing of Kedrigern

Categories: [ Books/Kedrigern ]

ISBN: 9781892065766

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Princess convinces Kedrigern to attend a convention of wizards. Alas, she is accidentally transformed back into a talking toad. Kedrigern decides that only Arlebar will know how to safely transform her back into a human. In the meanwhile, Kedrigern reluctantly accepts to visit King Panglunder, whose young fiancee Lalloree has been put under a spell by the King's jealous sorceress Memanesha. After some diplomatic discussion, Kedrigern accepts to take Lalloree back to her parents, who leave not far from Arlebar's. Kedrigern ignores where Arlebar exacly lives, but expects to get directions once they reach the Inn on the Outer Edge. From the Inn, they depart with a company of questing adventurers led by Conrad. They are attacked underway by a magic mist, leftover from ancient magical wars. Kedrigern and Princess are transported into our present by the wizard's emergency escape spell; Princess is abducted by crooked showbusinessmen. Kedrigern replenish his magic at a monastery who still cultivates simples, then saves Princess and both return to their time using the escape spell in reverse. Upon arrival, Princess is human again, with the addition of small but functional wings. Their travel companions are all transformed, Lalloree and Conrad are now talking toads. They leave to Arlebar's just before Death takes him, but he cannot change back the two toads. They then take the toads to Lalloree parents who are very understanding. Kedrigern and Princess then go back home.

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